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Nov 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
attendant at u.s. airway authorized a strike though it is not expected to impact thanksgiving travel because cooling off period is expected to be imposed. attendant upset over contract terms under the merger of u.s. airway and america west airlines. >> as millions of americans head to the airport and face long security lines, news tonight about the threat that make those checks so critical. 4 men from southern california are under arrest charged with plot to go join al qaeda and kill americans. as pierre thomas explains the men are following a dead terrorist still so powerful he's inspiring a new wave of jiha jihadist from the grave. >>reporter: an war was the world most wanted man. public enemy no. 1. encouraging radical to attack america in the on line preaching. u.s. killed him in the drone strike in september 2011 but today we learn he's still helping to recruit terrorists from the grave. overnight the fbi announced charges against 4 california men accused of plotting to good to afghanistan to bomb and kill u.s. soldier soldiers. they were disciple of an war. extensive amount of
Nov 12, 2012 9:00pm PST
dies. >> well as the u.s. economy continues to climb its way back ever so slowly tonight silicon valley turns to south korea to help. effort that could be a win-win. 7 news business technology reporter david lieu attended match making event in santa clara today. >> technology key driver of the south korean economy making up 40 percent of the trade. without the component it makes americans might not have smart phones or high def tv monitor. >> i think it's sort of under celebrated fact but korean technology pervades the homes in pockets of most americans. >>reporter: 43 trade agreement signed last march is already paving the way for more investment and partnership between silicon valley and korea a.500 korean company show off their latest technology in a two day conference in santa cl. he developed leading technology institute. california tech firms see korea as partner who can help them develop and refine the technology for global sale. he sold his company makes wireless systems for the energy industry. >> korea is great. and in0vaivt and track record. u.s. company lake qu
Nov 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
to democracy. this is cairo. >> president obama today signed a law that requires u.s. airline to be secluded from fe fees for european carbon emission. air leaps fought the program saying it with add billions to airfare over the next decade or so. officials estimate it could add 30 dollars to each round trip ticket to europe. environmentmentist traimd the bill as first test on climate at change. not happy with him. >> extraordinary pun i objectment for the big cigarette companies. federal judge said they lied and they now have to take out ads and admit it publicly. the judge says they have to say they quote deliberately deceived the american public about the dangers of cigarettes and they designed them to be addictive. the company have been battling these court rulings since 1999. they are expected to appeal yet again. >> now to rivetting show did you know on capitol hi. centers on the attack in benghazi libya take became such a part of the presidential campaign. bay area native ambassador chris stevens was killed in that attack along with 3 other americans. today one of the strongest
Nov 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
diabetes epidemic, why more people are likely to develop the disease in the u.s. government is planning to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. top secret papers just uncovered. can you imagine that. schumann is here with a huge decision. >> coach harbaugh has made his pick. surprise, he named the kaep to start and what is the rationale. >> we you have two quarterbacks that we feel great about as starting quarterback. both have earned it and deserved it. colin is the hot hand and we'll go with colin. >> harbaugh decided to go with the hot hand which was easy call because alex hasn't played for two weeks. when asked if this is week to week situation, never assume anything. you take on young down to play. sure, he has had two games. longer you keep alex on the sidelines it could hurt. >> it's been great. he has helped me a lot. he helped me a lot going through the playbook. how we're going to do things and different possessions. he has been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> he a class act all the way. as prepared as he is a starter. that is what we would expect and be read
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4